Shepherd Group Community Support

Shepherd Group is a substantial family-owned business with its headquarters and a high proportion of its shareholders and staff based in and around York. The Group benefits from being based in a healthy local environment for business, and is keen to put something back into the community.

Shepherd has a flexible Community Support Policy that directs available resources to support people and organisations mainly where the business operates.

Support is principally given in the York area, but initiatives that relate to the Group’s operations and staff elsewhere are also considered.

The extent and high profile of the Group’s operations prompts a large number of requests for help, more than available resources allow. Support is, therefore, weighted towards initiatives that fulfil one or more criteria that have been a feature of the Group’s practice for many years successful requests tend to relate to the following:

  • Education and training
  • Healthcare
  • The Arts
  • Sport
  • Backing local business, inward investment and employment
  • Employee involvement

Charitable and non-profit making organisations are given priority.

The Group does not make donations to political parties.

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